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Coach Trips 2016

February 13th - Staffordshire/ Linchfield and Stafford

March 19th- Shipley/Saltaire/Bradford (hopefully including a tour of Saltaire Brewery)- STILL SEATS AVAILABLE DEP 10.20 (NOT 9.50 as advertised in WB etc!)

April 16th- Coventry (their BF is on, although not going there specifically for that) DEP 9.50

May 14th- Sheffield DEP 9.50

June 11th- Wolverhampton (their Beer Festival  is on, although not going there specifically for that) DEP 9.50 (as will drop off in town first for anyone wanting to go to the Beer Festival  then head up to the outskirts before returning to the town centre)

July 9th- Bridgnorth DEP 9.50

August 6th- Worcester (their Beer Festival is on, although not going there specifically for that) DEP 9.30

September 3rd- Derby DEP 9.50

October 1st- Broughton-In-Furness DEP 9.50

November 12th- Leek and Macclesfield

 £12 for members, £15 for non-members, FREE for a new members' first trip. 

The default departure point will be from outside the Ship and Mitre as usual. Most trips will leave at 9.50, as normal, but some of the longer ones will leave earlier and some of the more local ones will leave a bit later (see above)

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Coach Trips


I thank everybody who supported our coach trips during 2016. The feedback I have received is that all trips were enjoyable events.
The popularity of the trips means that the standard price of £12 per seat can be maintained into 2017.

Non-members will be charged £15, to encourage those people to join CAMRA.
Also, for some time, we have encouraged people to join CAMRA by offering new members a free coach trip. We will continue to do this.

A person intending to go on a few coach trips can therefore save a good part of the membership fee for being a CAMRA member, before the other benefits such as the Wetherspoon vouchers and free/reduced entry to CAMRA festivals.

To book on any trips please email Matt , or ring Ian on 07521 741 586. 
Anybody booked on a trip on which they do not travel could be liable to the full charge.

Anybody booking on trips will be automatically added to the coach trip contact list UNLESS you request otherwise.
Anybody else wanting to be added to this list should send a mail to the generic address.

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