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GBG Launch

GBG 2018 cvr 5 1Please join us and Roger Protz (editor of the GBG) at the Roscoe Head for the Good Beer Guide (GBG) launch at 4pm on 19th September. 

Roscoe is one of the 5 pubs who have been in all editions.

Please see press release for further details

P2280054You are probably aware of the ‘Good Beer Guide’, National CAMRA’s flagship publication which lists the best pubs in the UK. But what you may not know is how those pubs are selected to appear in the Guide. The answer is that it is largely via beer scores submitted by CAMRA members from all over the country. So if you are a CAMRA member you can send in beer scores, If you’ve ever wondered why your favourite pub isn’t in the Guide, this may well be because you, and others, haven’t entered scores rating the quality of beer there. By beer scoring, you can contribute to the process of selection of pubs that go in the Good Beer Guide.


So how do I score the quality of the beer?

You don’t have to be an ‘expert’ to begin scoring your beer. However, it is not about your personal favourite beer receiving the highest scores! You may try a beer that isn’t to your normal taste but what you need to consider is the quality of that beer, how well the pub has kept it and served it, and score it according to the general guide below. It is a simple system of a ten point range from 0 to 5, with half points being used if your opinion of the beer falls between two categories.

0.      No cask ale available

1.      Poor. Beer is anything from barely drinkable to drinkable with considerable resentment.

2.      Average. Competently kept, drinkable pint but doesn’t inspire in any way, not worth moving to another pub but you drink the beer without really noticing.

3.      Good. Good beer in good form.  You may cancel plans to move to the next pub. You want to stay for another pint and may seek out the beer again

4.      Very Good.  Excellent beer in excellent condition. You stay put!

5.      Perfect.  Probably the best you are ever likely to find.  A seasoned drinker will award this score very rarely.


How do I submit my scores?

In order to submit your scores you need to login to CAMRA’s online pub guide www.whatpub.com either on a computer or by smart phone.  Here you will find a list of over 35,800 real ale pubs from all over the UK; these are not all Good Beer Guide pubs, merely pubs that serve real ale. 

In order to start submitting scores via WhatPub you need to:-

1.      Login. To do this you need your membership number and your CAMRA password which will be your post code unless you have joint membership in which case it may be your surname.

2.      You can then search for your pub by name. Be careful here as there are many pubs in the country which share the same name. My advice is to search by the pub name and the town.  The What Pub smart phone web page also gives you the option to search for real ale pubs nearby, very useful if you are in an unfamiliar town

3.      Once you have found your pub a ‘Submit Beer Scores’ box will appear on the left hand side of the screen (or on the tab bar underneath the pub photo if you are using a smart phone).

4.      Simply fill in the date and your score then as you begin typing the brewery name should automatically appear underneath were you are typing.  You do not have to enter the name of the beer your are drinking but if you wish to do so once you have entered the brewery name you should  be able to click on the arrow in the Beer box and a drop down list of that brewery’s beers should appear. In some cases the beer you are drinking may be new or a one off by the Brewery so may not appear on the list, if this is the case you can simply type in the beer name. Select the correct one click ‘submit score’ and your score will be entered into the database.

It is as simple as that. An added bonus is that it will keep a record of your scores so you can look back to see what beers you have had and how you rated them if you want.

If you have any queries please feel free to drop the GBG Co-ordinator a line, his email address is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Happy Beer Scoring!

Sonia James-Henry - Chair, Liverpool and Districts CAMRA

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Survey Trips 2012

P2280054The purpose of Survey Trips is to check out those pubs that are outside of the City Centre. These are the pubs that can struggle to get into the Good Beer Guide, not because of poor quality but due to insufficient people scoring them. However, despite the name, survey trips are fun. They are basically a pub crawl, except that you also score your beer as you go round. And if you have never scored before this is the perfect opportunity to get involved. Check out the Article on Beer Scoring under the pubs section for more information.

If you are unable to make it to the first pub, you can join us at any point along the route.

This year we have taken a slightly different approach to survey trips, with a combination of city centre and suburban trips, as well as a few by coach to those far flung areas of the branch which are difficult to cover by public transport. For the dark winter nights we are going to concentrate City Centre pubs, particularly those which tend to be less frequently visited – beginning with a trip to the Dale Street area. Trips will, in the main, still occur on the last Tuesday of the month and we will aim to cover four to five pubs per trip, this means we will have at least 40 minutes in each pub and trips will end around 10.30pm. Saveaways will only be issued to beer scorers if a trip involves taking public transport between pubs.

Survey Trips planned for the next six months are:-

31st Jan – Dale Street Area – Meet in Hole in Ye Wall 7.00pm
Pubs we will be visiting - Cross Keys (7.45pm), Pig and Whistle (8.25pm), Cornmarket (9.15pm), finishing at Ma Boyles (10pm)

28th Feb – University Area – Meet in Clove Hitch 7.00pm
Pubs we will be visiting – Font (7.45pm), Augustus John (8.25pm), Cambridge (9.15pm), finishing at Blackburne Arms (10pm)

27th March – Shopping Area – Meet at Hanover Hotel 7.00pm (We will be there from 6.30pm)
Pubs we will be visiting – Abbey (7.20pm), Commercial (7.55pm), Beehive (8.40), Carnarvon Castle (9.15pm), finishing at The Richmond at (9.50pm)

24th April – Bootle – Meet in the Wild Rose 7.00pm (Earlier if you would like to eat), 
7.45pm Yates's, 8.35pm Cat & Fiddle, 9.30pm Merton Inn

29th May – Mini Bus trip to Lydiate/Melling/Sefton 
Leaving from Ship & Mitre at 7.pm and picking up in Crosby (Sainsbury's Car Park, opp St Helen's church) at 7.20pm.  We will be back in Liverpool by 11pm.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book a place.  Sorry but this trip is open to CAMRA members only.

Depart Ship & Mitre 7.00pm
Depart Crosby 7.20 (Sainsbury's Car Park  -  people will be in Stamps for those who would like a pre-survey drink)
Arrive Scotch Piper (Lydiate) 7.40pm
Depart Scotch Piper              8.30pm
Arrive Bootle Arms (Melling)   8.45pm
Depart Bootle Arms               9.30pm
Arrive Punch Bowl (Sefton)    9.45pm
Depart Punch Bowl              10.30pm
Drop off in Crosby and arrive back in Liverpool by 11pm

26th June – Crosby - Meet Yates's (George Hotel) Moor Lane 7.00pm
Pubs we will be visiting - Stamps (7.30pm), Crow's Nest (8.30pm), finishing at the Edinburgh (College Rd) at 9.45pm

31st July - West Derby - Meet Halton Castle 7.00pm
Pubs we will be visiting - Barries (The Hunting Lodge) 7.45pm, Sefton Arms 8.30pm, Royal Standard 9.00pm, finishing at the Crown at 9.45pm. 

28th August - Wavertree - Meet in the Richmond Tavern 7pm
Pubs we will be visiting - Eight 7.45pm, Kelly's Dispensary 8.45pm, finishing in the Willowbank at 9.30pm

25th September - Lark Lane - Meet Rhubarb 7.00pm
Pubs we will be visiting - Lodge - 7.45pm, Bier - 8.20, finishing in the Albert at 9.05

30th October - Waterloo - Meet Stamps Too 7pm - There will be a pre-survey trip visit to a new Real Ale outlet - The Doric in Seaforth, meet here at 6pm.  Pubs we will be visiting - Queens Picturehouse 7.45pm, Old Bank 8.15pm, Royal Hotel 9.00pm then an oportunity for anyone who wishes to visit a further pub to finish off in the Volunteer Canteen at around 9.45pm.

27th November -
Mathew Street Area - Meet White Star 7pm - There will be a pre-survey visit to the Welkin, an opportunity to grab some food before the trip starts, meet here at 6pm.  Pubs we will be visitng - Grapes 7.45pm, Richmond Hotel 8.30pm, Bier 9.15pm, finishing in the Shipping Forecast 10.00pm.

Should anyone have any ideas for survey trips for the rest of the year, please let me know we will be visiting the south of the city in the second half of the year.

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