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LocAle Walks 2016

If you were unable to register for the LocAle Pub walks at the Members Weekend 2016 or would simply like to do them another time here they are. Numbers in brackets refers to pub number on the New Real Ale Pub Map which can be found here

LocAle Walk 1

Start - (2) Augustus John , Peach Street, L3 5TX

(42) Pen Factory, 13 Hope St, L1 9BQ

(New) Mackenzie's, 32, Rodney St, L1 2TQ

(29) Grapes, cnr of Knight St / Roscoe St ,L1 9DW

(9) Bridewell, 1 Campbell Sq, L1 5FB

(35) Lime Kiln, 1 Fleet Street, L1 4AN

Finish - (14) Central, 31 Ranelagh Street, L1 1JP


LocAle Walk 2

Start - (10) Caledonia, 22 Caledonia St, L7 7DX

(24) Flute or (25) Fly in the Loaf – both on Hardman St, L1 9AS...your choice

(18) Crown Hotel, 43 Lime St, L1 1JQ

(21) Excelsior, 121-123 Dale St, L2 2JH

(59) Vernon Arms, 69 Dale St, L2 2HJ

(65) Ye Hole in the Ye Wall, 4 Hackins Hey, L2 2AW

Finish - (36) Lion Tavern, 67 Moorefields, L2 2BP


Other Walks


Walk 3

Start - (43) Peter Kavanagh's, 2-6 Egerton St,L8 7LY

(10) Caledonia, 22 Caledonia St, L7 7DX

(6) Belvedere, 5 Sugnall St L7 7EB

(64) Ye Cracke 13 Rice St L1 9BB

(29) Grapes, corner of Knight St / Roscoe St ,L1 9DW

(53) Roscoe Head, 24 Roscoe St L1 2SX

(19) Dispensary, 87 Renshaw St, L1 2SP

Finish - (18) Crown Hotel, 43 Lime St, L1 1JQ


Walk 4

Start - (3) Baltic Fleet, 33a Wapping, L1 8BQ

(9) Bridewell, 1 Campbell Sq, L1 5FB

(14) Central, 31 Ranelagh Street, L1 1JP

(40) North Western, 7 Lime St, L1 1RJ

(54) Ship & Mitre, 133 Dale St, 2JH

(58) Thomas Rigby's, L2 2EZ

Finish - (36) Lion Tavern, 67 Moorefields, L2 2BP


Walk 5

Start - (37) Ma Boyle's, 2 Tower Gardens, L3 1LG

(65) Ye Hole in the Ye Wall, 4 Hackins Hey, L2 2AW

(60) Victoria Cross, 1-2 Sir Thomas Sat, L1 6BW

(27) Globe, 17 Cases St L1 1HW

(50) Richard John Blackler, Charlotte Row L1 1HU

(38) Ma Egerton's 9 Pudsey St L1 1JA

Any comments / feedback? Please email the locAle Coordinator or tweet @LiverpoolCAMRA

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Crosby and Waterloo LocAle Pub Crawl

Below is a locAle pub crawl of Crosby and Waterloo. This map does not show every pub in Crosby and Waterloo that serves real ale, only those locAle accredited. For a full list of pubs please goto WhatPub.

Liverpool Pigeon was branch Pub of the Year 2014 and 2015. Read more about Liverpool Pigeon here.


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LocAle Pubs

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The following lists the LocAle pubs that had been accredited upto May 2015. The Whatpub Link will give you more information about the pub including a map and directions. Please also put in your beer scores via WhatPub.
Pub Address Postcode LocAles Accredited
Abbey 85-89 Hanover Street,  L1 3DZ  Burscough, Peerless 2013
Augustus John Peach Street L3 5TX  Peerless, Liverpool Organic, Liverpool Craft 2010
Baltic Fleet 33 Wapping L1 8DQ  Wapping, Neptune 2009
Barkers Brewery Archway Road,Huyton,  L36 9UJ  Peerless, Weetwood 2013
Belvedere  8 Sugnall Street L7 7EB  Liverpool Organic, Neptune 2011
Bier  52 Lark Lane,Aigburth L17 8UU  Liverpool Craft TBC
Blackburne Pub & Eatery 24 Catharine Street L8 7NL  Parker, Liverpool Organic, Stamps 2011
Bridewell 1 Campbell Square L1 5FB  Liverpool Organic, Melwood, Neptune, Red Star 2011
Caledonia 22 Caledonia Street L7 7DX  Liverpool Craft, Melwood 2011
Cask 438 Queens Drive West Derby L13 0AR Liverpool Organic 2016
Cat & Fiddle  St Martin's House, Bootle  L20 3LG Liverpool Organic 2011
Cavern Pub 5 Mathew Street L2 6RE  Liverpool Organic 2015
Central 31 Ranelagh Street, City Centre L1 1JP Red Star 2016
Childwall Fiveways 179 Queens Drive L15 6XS  Coach House, Peerless, Weetwood 2012
Clove Hitch  23 Hope Street L1 9BQ  Liverpool Craft, Neptune 2103
Cobden 89 Quarry Street, Woolton L25 6HA Peerless 2015
Cock and Seaman 146 Rawson Road
L21 1HR Liverpool Organic 2016
Corner Post 25 Bridge Road, Crosby L23 6SA Neptune, Liverpool Organic, Red Star, Rock the Boat 2016
Cross Keys 13 Earle Street L3 9NS  Allgates, George Wright 2013
Crown Hotel 43 Lime Street, City Centre L1 1JQ Liverpool Organic 2016
Dispensary  87 Renshaw St L1 2SP  George Wright 2009
Dough Bar Grand Central, Skelhorne Street L3 5GA Peerless 2016
Elephant 1 Woolton Street, Woolton L25 5NH  Liverpool Organic 2015
Excelsior 121-123 Dale Street L2 2JH  Parker, Brimstage, Neptune, Red Star, Rock the Boat 2014
Fall Well Roe Street L1 1LS  Peerless, Weetwood, Liverpool Craft, Coach House 2012
Flanagan's Apple Mathew Street L2 6RE  Liverpool Organic 2015
Flute 35 Hardman Street  L1 9AS  Peerless 2014
Font Unit 3, Arrad Street L7 7JE  Liverpool Organic, Liverpool Craft, Peerless 2012
Frank Hornby  38 Eastway, Maghull L31 6BR  Peerless, Weetwood, Parker, Coach House 2012
Gold Balance 6-10 Newton Gardens, Kirkby L32 8RR  Peerless 2013
Grapes 60 Roscoe Street L1 9DW  Liverpool Organic, Liverpool Craft, Neptune, Red Star, Rock the Boat 2009
Hub 16 Hanover Street L1 4AA Liverpool Organic 2011
Jawbone Tavern 12 Litherland Road.,Bootle L20 3BZ Liverpool Organic 2015
Lime Kiln Fleet Street L1 4NR  Liverpool Craft, Weetwood, Coach House, Peerless 2012
Lion Tavern  67 Moorfields L2 2BP  George Wright 2011
Liver 137 South Road, Waterloo L22 0LT  George Wright, Southport, Allgates, Liverpool Organic 2014
Liverpool Pigeon 14 Endbutt Lane,Crosby L23 0TR  Brimstage, Southport, Liverpool Organic 2013
Lord Warden 21 London Road, City Centre L3 8HR Rock the Boat 2016
Masonic 35 Gladstone Road, Garston L19 1RR  Liverpool Craft 2013
Merton Inn 42 Merton Road, Bootle, L20 3BW  Weetwood, Coach House, Peerless, Blakemere 2012
Navigator 694 Queens Drive,Old Swan L13 5UH  Weetwood, Coach House, Peerless, Blakemere 2012
North Western 7 Lime St, City Centre L1 1RJ Coach House Blakemere Weetwood Peerless 2016
Old Bank 34 South Road, Waterloo L22 5PE  George Wright, Southport, Allgates, Liverpool Organic, Neptune 2009
Pen Factory  13 Hope Street L1 9BQ  Liverpool Organic, Liverpool Craft, Southport, Brimstage, Neptune 2015
Pumphouse The Colonnades,  Albert Dock L3 4AN Liverpool Organic 2015
Que Pasa Cantina 94 Lark Lane, Liverpool L17 8UX Allgates Livepool Organic, Liverpool Craft, George Wright 2016
Queen's Picture House  47 South Rd,Waterloo, L22 5PE   Weetwood, Coach House, Peerless, Blakemere 2013
Raven 72-74 Walton Vale, Walton L9 2BU  Weetwood, Coach House, Peerless, Blakemere 2012
Richard John Blackler 1-2, Charlotte Row L1 1HU  Liverpool Craft, Weetwood, Coach House, Peerless, Blakemere 2012
Richmond Pub & Hotel 32 Williamson Street L1 1EB  George Wright, Peerless, Burscough, Liverpool Organic, Neptune, Red Star, Rock the Boat 2009
Richmond Tavern 23a Church Rd, Wavertree L15 9EA Liverpool Organic 2015
Scotch Piper Southport Road, Lydiate L31 4HD Southport, George Wright 2014
Sefton Arms 1 Mill Lane, West Derby L12 7HX Liverpool Organic, Peerless 2015
Ship & Mitre 133 Dale Street L2 2JH Brimstage, Stamps, Mellwood, Blakemere, Cheshire Brew Brothers,Prospect,Liverpool Craft, Liverpool Organic,Allgates, Neptune 2013
Sphinx 160 Mount Pleasant,University L3 5TR  Mellwood 2015
Stamps Bar 5 Crown Buildings, Crosby L23 5SR  Stamps, Southport,Liverpool Craft, Liverpool Organic 2009
Stamps Too 99 South Road, Waterloo L22 0LR  Brimstage, Liverpool Organic, Southport, Allgates 2009
Thomas Frost 77-187 Walton Road, Kirkdale L4 4AJ  Weetwood, Coach House, Peerless, Blakemere 2012
Vernon Arms  69 Dale Street  L2 2HJ  Blakemere, Mellwood, Liverpool Organic 2009
Victoria Cross  1-3 Sir Thomas Street L1 6BW  George Wright, Peerless, Burscough, Liverpool Organic 2013
Volunteer Canteen 45 East Street, Waterloo L22 8QR  Liverpool Organic, Neptune 2013
Welkin 7 Whitechapel L1 6DS Liverpool Craft, Weetwood, Coach House, Peerless, Blakemere 2013
Ye Hole in Ye Wall 4 Hackins Hey L2 2AW Liverpool Craft 2012
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Locale Pub Walk 6th October 2011

locale_logoOn a blustery night in Liverpool a group of about a dozen CAMRA members met in the Dispensary, Liverpool and Districts pub of the year, to explore some of the best pubs in Liverpool and sample some local beers.

The Dispensary is a haven for lovers of dark beers, daring to serve strong, dark stouts which many other pubs shy away from.  Cains mild was once a permanent fixture on the bar, but when Cains stopped brewing mild on a regular basis, Pauline and Dave searched for a ‘dark’ replacement.  After approaching several local breweries it was George Wright who provided the idea beer, a mild produced exclusively for the pub and named ‘Mark’s Mild’ after the Dispensary’s affable bar man Mark.  An excellent starting point for the walk, and thanks to Dave for the talk on LocAle and its importance to licensees and brewers alike.

Next stop was the Roscoe Head, one of only seven pubs to appear in every edition of the Good Beer Guide, and an outlet for another local brewery, Liverpool Organic.  The aptly named ‘William Roscoe’, a floral bitter, can often be found here but this evening I chose ‘Cascade’. Also produced by Liverpool Organic this is a light session beer and ideal for a pub crawl such as this. 

After enjoying the buzz of conversation in the music free Roscoe Head it was time to head to the rather nosier Ye Cracke.  Tucked away down a small side street Ye Cracke is steeped in history and is another outlet for Liverpool Organic. Like the Dispensary, here, you often find stronger beers such as ‘Empire Ale’ a bitter, which at 5.3% may be too much for some, especially on a night like this, but was on excellent form, definitely my beer of the night.

At our next stop, the Caledonia, we met up with Liverpool University’s ‘Real Ale Society’ and were treated to an open mike night from Liverpool and District’s current music pub of the year.  The LocAle on offer here was ‘Hilbre Gold’ from Birkenhead’s award winning Peerless Brewery, unusually, this hoppy golden ale, is vegan, something I have never come across before.  This shows that our local breweries are not afraid to branch out and be adventurous with their beers, very admirable in the current financial climate.

Our Final stop was the Belvedere where we had two locale ales to choose from, Jade again from Liverpool Organic, and Viking from Liverpool Craft.  A relatively new brewery Viking is the first brew from the Liverpool Craft Brewery, although there are more in the pipeline including an excellent winter stout. 

This is just a small sample of the pubs selling real ale, and of the local brewers who brew it.  Check out the LocAle page of this website for further details.  Supporting LocAle (beer which has travelled no more than 30 miles from pub to brewery) is not only environmentally friendly but also helps support the local economy, so try LocAle today, you won’t regret it.

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