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Rock the Boat

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Rock the BoatRecently David Barker, brewer at Rock the Boat Brewery, spent two days at Stocks Hop farm in Worcestershire. During this time he walked the 100 acres of hop fields where nine varieties of hops are grown (Pilgrim, Target, Phoenix, Goldings, Bramling Cross, Jester, First Gold, Sovereign and Endeavour varieties), and learned how hops are processed for sale to commercial and home brewers.

David harvested some First Gold hops on the Thursday of his visit and brewed with them within 23 hours using a pale malt. The result is First Gold Green Hops Pale Ale (3.9%). Reports say it is a light beer with a subtle hop aroma,  – I can verify this as I’ve tried it at Mackenzies. It has also been on sale in the Roscoe Head and the Baltic Fleet, and on its appearance in the Corner Post micro pub on Tuesday 26th September it sold out that evening. It should soon make an appearance in the Volunteer Canteen, The Barbacoa, The Liver and Stamps Too.

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