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Brewery News

Terry has tweeted that he has left Liverpool Craft Brewery. We wish him well for the future.

Neptune Brewery has settled into the 6BBL kit now and is brewing to capacity twice a week. The brewery is now packaging Keg conditioned keykegs within the CAMRA remit. Bottled beers were relaunched during October with new labelling to compliment the new pump clips.
Brewer Les brewed a collaboration brew with the Pied Bull in Chester for their beer festival at the end of October.
New cask beers brewed recently have been Fugu (the name of the infamous poisonous fish), a 4.0% Pale Ale brewed with Sorachi Ace hops from Japan and Black Moor, a 4.0% Porter.
Another dark beer due soon.
Some stronger IPA's and some other specials will be brewed for keykegs, but will cask a couple of these as specials for regular customers.

Big Bog Brewery
Big Bog is now registered into the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme. They are also SIBA FSQ (Food Safety and Quality) accredited. Big Bog is pleased to join and support the SIBA Assured Independent British Craft Brewer initiative.

A new beer is Will O the Wisp the second beer named after the ghostly apparitions seen floating over marshes and bogs, the first being Hinkypunk. At 4.7% abv this is a premium golden coloured ale made with Citra, Chinook and Cascade hops in generous proportions. The beer has a distinctive hoppy aroma with good bitterness and loads of foral/citrus character.

Another beer is currently in development, called Morast, the German for Quagmire or Bog. It will be a German style beer using Vienna Malt with German Hallertau Mittelfruh and Hersbruker hops, with an anticipated ABV of 4.3%. Initially it will be brewed EXCLUSIVELY for a festival at the Frank Hornby in Maghull (see diary).
Those who attended our branch Get Together at the Big Bog brewery in October will all wish to thank Paul and Gordon for their generous hospitality.

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Brewery News

The latest trial beer from Liverpool Craft is Half Nelson. I enjoyed a pint at the Refinery during September.

Rock the Boat Brewery (Little Crosby) is producing a small number of bottled beers. They are all bottle conditioned (Real Ale in A Bottle) and are held for at least a month in cold storage to condition. They have been selling well, in the Crosby Bottle Beer Shop, College Road, Crosby, and are also available in the Blackburne House Cafe Bistro in Liverpool.

Big Bog Brewery
The branch has been invited to visit their brewery in Speke for our October Get Together on the evening of Wednesday the 19th.
People can travel on the 1910 train from Waterloo which calls at Central at 1929, arriving at Hunts Cross at 1947. The brewery is about a ten minute walk from the station. Alternatively, people can use the 89 bus from Huyton, Belle Vale or Woolton alighting on Woodend Avenue. The 82 Arriva bus from the City Centre, or the 81 from Bootle, both stop on Speke Boulevard. People intending to come should email branch contact Sue by Saturday 15th October, to ensure there is enough beer! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
You can read about the brewery on page 7 of latest edition of MerseyAle http://www.liverpoolcamra.org.uk/index.php/merseyale/merseyale-2016/item/723-merseyale-september
Big Bog Brewing Company Ltd, Unit 74,Venture Point West, Evans Road, Speke, L24 9PB http://www.bigbog.co.uk/home.html

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Brewery News

NeptuneNeptune Brewery has produced a new beer. Mermaid’s Purse is a 4.0% Blonde Hoppy Summer Ale. I enjoyed the beer at the Corner Post during July.

liverpool craft brewery
The latest Liverpool Craft beer was being served at Constellations at the end of July. Archer’s Paradox is described as a session red ale, dry hopped with Archers, a British hop.

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Other Brewery News

It was good to see a cask Ad Hop beer on sale at the Grapes Knight Street over the last bank holiday weekend. Taj Mahal is a 7.2% beer. As promised, to cask beers were available at the Birkenhead Beer Festival.

Rock the Boat launched a new beer, Waterloo Sunset, appropriately at the Waterloo Beer Festival. It was the first beer to sell out.

The Baltic Fleet Brewery now has a second beer on tap. American Pale Ale is 4.2%.

Liverpool Craft Brewery have a installed two more fermentation vessels to help keep up with demand. Love Lane Pale Ale is especially popular. Look out for the special brews that are being produced during the summer to check which are liked enough to become regulars. One of these, Half Nelson 4.1%, was available at the Caledonia and Clove Hitch at the beginning of June.

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Liverpool Craft Brewery news

liverpool craft breweryDuring 2012 Liverpool Craft Brewery fitted hand pumps into three venues often patronised by younger people. These are Club 23 (under the Clove Hitch on Hope Street), Mello Mello on Slater Street and the Camp & Furnace on Freeland Street (on the edge of the Baltic Triangle). This is helping to supply real ale to a new generation.

The brewery also supplies exclusive bottle conditioned beer to two of these venues. Brown Bear, a wheat/honey beer, for the Camp & Furnace and MelloMello, a ruby red ale.

An exclusive cask beer, Golden Ale, is now being produced for ye Hole in ye Wall.

A pop-up bar was set up at the Hope Street Feast serving 8 cask beers including a festival special. Similarly the ‘Brown Bear Bar’ is used at Camp and Furnace events and at various music, arts and cultural events. Liverpool Craft sponsored the Threshold music festival; a grass roots, multi arts festival and brewed a limited edition festival beer, with 700 bottle conditioned beers sold to festival goers.

Another beer is Five Dollar Bob’s Mock Cooter Stew, a premium strength American style pale ale named after a 'Mudhoney' album that has been endorsed by the bands record label ‘Sub Pop Records’ which is based in Seattle.

Liverpool Craft have just started cultivating their own yeast strains giving the beers more depth and character unique to the brewery.

The floor space of the brewery has been doubled ready for an overhaul of the plant in 2013.

Beer production in 2012 was double that of the previous year.

For further information check out the Liverpool Craft Brewery website.

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Branch Breweries

Branch Breweries

liverpool craft brewery
Liverpool Craft Brewery, Liverpool, Merseyside

Liverpool Craft moved premises to the other side of the city centre early in 2015 where visitor facilities should be introduced in due course. The 10 barrel plant supplies arts and music venues as well as pubs.

Liverpool Craft Website

lpool organic logo
Liverpool Organic Brewery, Liverpool, Merseyside
Started brewing in August 2009. The brewery only uses certified organic malted barley. Brew plant is a 12.5 Barrel all stainless steel system. They now have 6 fermenters, including a combination FV/lagering vessel so cask lager can be produced.

 Liverpool Organic Website

Mad Hatter, Liverpool, Merseyside

Mad Hatter began brewing in 2013 combining traditional techniques with new flavours and approaches to brewing. Most of their output is in bottled form with some kegged versions, specialising in higher ABV and specialist styles. Relocated to the Baltic Triangle in Feb 2014

Mad Hatter Website

Neptune, Liverpool, Merseyside

Founded July 2015. 1 Barrel Micro Brewery based in Maghull, Merseyside. Brewing cask and bottle conditioned beers. Vegan friendly. They do not use Isinglass finings.

Neptune Website

Rock the Boat
Rock the Boat, Crosby, Merseyside

Rock the Boat began brewing in June 2015 in a converted 16th century wheelwright's workshop in Little Crosby Village.

Rock the Boat Website

Stamps Brewery
Stamps, Liverpool, Merseyside

Began brewing in April 2012. Beers named after famous world postage stamps. Environmentally friendly beer production, power from 52 solar panels and biomass boiler. Rainwater recycled and used for floor cleaning. Used grain sent to local city farm for feed.

 Stamps Brewery Website

wapping logo
Wapping, Liverpool, Merseyside

Wapping brewery was established in 2002 in the cellars of the pub on the waterfront in Liverpool using the old Passageway Brewery plant. A new brewer, Tom, took over in mid-December. The brewery is now concentrating on brewing Summer ale, but others may be produced in future.

 Wapping Brewery Website

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