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Fair Deal For Your Local

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Fair Deal For Your Local: Time for Pubco ReformFair Deal for your local logo final

We have a very real opportunity to save the Great British Pub and we need you to get involved.

The Government backed beer and pubs in the recent Budget by abandoning plans for a beer duty hike and instead cutting beer duty for the first time in over 50 years. They are now building on their support for pubs by taking on the large pub companies who are exploiting pub licensees and putting the future of thousands of pubs at risk.

The fundamental problem is that the large pub companies are taking more than is reasonable from the profits of each pub– so licensees and pub goers alike suffer. A fair deal will result in the average tied pub being £4,000 better off annually

The Pubco Model

Around a third of pubs in the UK are owned by large Pub Companies – property companies who lease pubs out to tenants to run as their own business. These pubs are contractually obliged to buy their beer only from the Pubco preventing pub licensees buying on the open market – this is known as the beer tie.

Pubcos make huge excess profits by using the beer tie to force licensees and ultimately the consumer to pay high prices. Licensees can pay at least 50% more for beer than a free-of-tie publican. Alongside this pubco licensees often find themselves paying above market value rents and have no independent adjudicator to settle disputes.

Time for Reform

The Government is now proposing a package of measures to deliver a fair deal for local pubs, with:

• A powerful new Code and a Watchdog to stop abuses by big pub companies
• A new choice for licensees to opt out of restrictive tied agreements and just pay a fair market rent to their pubco
• Fair rents and beer prices for tied publicans, allowing them to thrive

Pub companies with fewer than 500 pubs will be exempt from these proposals but must abide by a separate voluntary code.

If we succeed with this campaign we can expect better pubs, fairer prices and fewer pub closures.

Get Involved

Your support in getting us this far really has made all the difference. However, the battle isn't won yet and we now need to ensure the Government sees its plans through. To make the most of this opportunity there are three things you can do right now:

1. Ensure your voice is heard by taking five minutes to take part in the Government's pubco reform survey

2. Help build the case for reform by sending in your own submission to the consultation. There's ideas on what you could say on the campaign's website

3. Sign up to be a Fair Deal for Your Local Campaign Supporter to hear more about the campaign and how you can get involved.

You have until 14th June to take part.

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Campaigning Year 2012

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Liverpool CAMRA is a Campaigning Branch and here is a snapshot of the Campaigning Year

431626_309278769134783_173516506044344_877636_688376452_nLiverpool Beer Festival (February).
Our annual festival is internationally renowned as the ONLY Beer Festival in the World to be Held in a Cathedral. Always a sell out event, this has become as much a part of the Liverpool Events Calendar as the Grand National.

264320_173674136028581_173516506044344_461792_8232558_nBringing New People to Real Ale Campaign.

A programme of around 14 events throughout the year designed to encourage new people to try real ale especially women and young people. Discovering CAMRA Events - two large events a year to introduce new and intending members to what Liverpool CAMRA does and how they can become involved.

mildMild Month (currently May).
A series of events will be held to promote mild which is a classic beer style with great flavours.

photo1LocAle the green local pint.

Scheme to promote local brewers within a 30 mile radius by publicising pubs that undertake to offer regularly at least one beer from a local brewer, thereby reducing beer miles and supporting local business. 

222426_187053481357313_173516506044344_508129_1694419_nLiverpool CAMRA Oscars Night (usually July).

A night of awards and media coverage recognising contributions to serving and promoting real ale in Liverpool including the award for Liverpool CAMRA Pub of the Year and awards for Pubs of Excellence.

p9200040Liverpool Real Ale Pubs Festival.

A two month programme of events in September and October promoting Liverpool's Real Ale Pubs including pub real ale festivals, special pub events, free tastings, music events, beer and food events and much much more. See MerseyAle Autumn edition for programme details.

pub passport 2011Liverpool Real Ale Pubs Map.

This is a free colour map pinpointing over 110 real ale pubs both in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. No need to get lost again looking for the best pubs in Liverpool.

365 Days a Year – Liverpool the Real Ale Pubs Capital of Britain. Liverpool has a pub for all reasons including pubs that are recognised as having the best interiors in the country. One day is not enough to do Liverpool pubs justice!! So Stay Another Day and enjoy! Promoting Real Ale, Liverpool Pubs and CAMRA.

182234_10150090680963990_682078989_6194546_996847_nAll the Fun of the Queue (December). Almost as famous as the event itself is the queue for tickets on Liverpool Beer Festival Ticket Sales day. Be there early to buy yours - ticket details in Winter MerseyAle and on website

Nov_2011_MerseyAle_Web_coverGet your free copy of MerseyAle from local pubs. There are five editions a year. Copies can be read on line on the Branch website. Also check the Branch Facebook page

Extract from Merseyale Febuary 2012 
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Back the Pub

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I'm backing the pub

The “I'm backing the Pub” campaign brings together all those with an interest in supporting and promoting the British pub.


Ultimately, the campaign is a grass roots campaign that is looking to help mobilise everyone who wants to see the local pub flourish and to allow them to have their say to the politicians.


For more details go to the 'Back the Pub' website.

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LocAle Intro

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LocAle is an important initiative and fits well with the growing awareness and sustainability ethos across both Government and the Real World, which we populate. 

Liverpool and District CAMRA has a number of pubs that will always have on at least one local beer. 

Check out our dedicated
LocAle page for more information including a list of pubs that are in the scheme. 

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Campaign Introduction

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We are currently living in strange times, with the unprecedented worldwide recession, the government in its death throes randomly flinging out ill conceived policies, growing unemployment and rising unrest evident all around us. And against this backdrop the enjoyment of a quality beer in a convivial atmosphere can sometimes seem relatively unimportant to all of us - even CAMRA members (on occasion) - but off course even more so to none drinkers and more worryingly the disconnected MPs, who are supposed to represent us.

Pubs and drinking are under constant attack from all sides with the recession and unemployment affecting the change in our pockets, the media portrayal of all drinkers as a problem requiring fixing, and the government considering taxation as a way to deal with binge drinking. Meanwhile the pubco’s are cutting and running from struggling lessees in their droves, while the humble local pubs struggle to deal with the ongoing impacts from the smoking ban and escalator taxes on the pint (not to mention numerous side effects from other ill thought government policies - entertainment licenses anyone?). And we won’t even mention Cains.

The pubs themselves in a struggle to survive look for where margins can be squeezed, through price increases, the removal of lined glasses, or cutting back the opening hours and the staff working there. 

The 24/7 news culture goes for headlines of course in the battle for news ratings and 100,000 members enjoying a pint or three of Ruby Mild or XXXB is not attractive to them while kids drinking vodka bottles on street corners or youths in town falling over or fighting makes good tele if poor journalism. Unfortunately the very thing that sells the Daily Mail, or fills ITV news programs is currently how government policy is researched and actioned.

All this goes to make this real ale fan feel a little like the boy with the finger in a dyke. But we are 100,000 strong now as members, and there are many more non-members out there who feel the same. We all have fingers and we should feel like we can do something. 

As CAMRA we try hard to fight for policies that protect or help nurture the industry - and the output - which we so love. We have had some good successes one of which LocAle fits well with the zeitgeist of sustainability and the general increasing desire for local produce. Many of these local brewers are small and while some may be perfectly formed now can quickly become damaged through ‘small’ tinkering of government be it national or local and where are they going to sell their beer when the pubs shut down?

So as an individual where do you fit in; where you can help, which part of the dyke are you going to save? There are many options worth considering some of which may involve a little work, but even that should be enjoyable. To show your support to CAMRA and the real ale industry you could;

  • Volunteer to work at a beer festival, or assist in its organisation
  • How about writing a piece for the MerseyAle or the website
  • You could become a Pub Ambassador for your local or favourite pub
  • You could help distribute the MerseyAle
  • Write to your MP or Councillor on matters relating to pubs and breweries
  • Just drink out at you local (that’s an easy one)
  • Write to your newspaper
  • Support your branch at the CAMRA meetings and go on one of the frequent trips
  • Keep the faith and spread the word.

Remember if you feel like you don’t have the time to help just stick with the drinking real ale at your local or favourite pub.

Good Beer Guide (GBG)

Good Beer Guide 2017 Cover web

For more detailed information on the best pubs in our branch area check out the 2017 Good Beer Guide. This edition has detailed information on 40 pubs in our area. If you buy through CAMRA we will make more profit which will be reinvested into campaigning. For more information check out the website. For information on how you can contribute to the Good Beer Guide check out the article on beer scoring and survey trips.


Kind is the Branches'  Chosen charity. At the Liverpool Beer Festival donations are collected, which includes giving  the public an opportunity to donate any left over beer vouchers, which we convert to a cash donation. For more information on Kind and how to make a donation please visit their website

CAMRA Members - Are you missing out

Take noticeLiverpool & Districts CAMRA keeps in touch with members on email on a regular basis: giving a synopsis on all beery events (both CAMRA and non-CAMRA) and special news such as pub awards, and reminders about branch socials and meetings.

We are keeping members up to date with what is going on within the branch without using CAMRA funds on snail mail letters.

Liverpool & Districts are keen to keep in touch. So, if you are a CAMRA Member and want to be kept up to date with what’s happening, both locally and nationally, please make sure that your email address is logged on the CAMRA website.

This is very easy to do:

  • Log onto the CAMRA website –
  • Click the Login tab and sign in with your membership number and password (your postcode).
  • Click the My Membership tab then click Edit your membership information.
  • Click Enter/Amend My Record. Edit and Save your changes.

Any problems? email the branch Membership Secretary 

CAMRA 40th

What Pub

Members can use to search for details of pubs across the UK and then look up details such as opening times, descriptions, facilities and of course details of the real ale and cider on offer.

Contact Us

Liverpool & District CAMRA:

Branch Contact, Steve Downing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web Master, Mel James-Henry This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


230 Hatfield Road, St Albans AL1 4LW

phone: (01727) 867 201


Join CAMRA, and as well as making a difference, you will receive £20 worth of JD Wetherspoons Vouchers. Check out our New Members section for local benefits. The join us page lists all the other benefits you will receive. JOIN US today

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